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Urban Green Train has pulled into the station!
At the end of August, the Urban Green Train Project Is going on vacation. Since its inception in 2014, it’s come a very long way. Here’s what we’ve been up to.

The Urban Green Train project (URBAN GReen Education for ENTteRprising Agricultural Innovation), started with the support of the ERASMUS+ Program to encourage new businesses in Urban Agriculture, has finally arrived at its destination, and will soon be on vacation.
Since 2014, it has truly come a long way. The first year was one of investigation; the most innovative urban agricultural business models were studied (here are the case studies) and the range of courses available were investigated, as were the actual training needs (click here to download the report) of those who want to work and invest in the sector. The scope of study involved the territories of four project partner countries (Italy, the Netherlands, Germany, and France), and its many results can be consulted on the map.
Over the next two years, the compilation of all the information that has been gathered and its continuous comparison with the stakeholders have allowed us to define, update, and introduce a series of educational tools and a curriculum model (with relative recommendations) useful to anyone interested in working or offering training courses in Urban Agriculture.
On the basis of these tools, a pilot international course was also formulated and conducted, open to participants from all across Europe (and beyond), which began in August 2016 and ended in January of this year.
The final part of the Urban Green Train project, which will end in August 2017, involved the starting up of a "cluster", a kind of work group dedicated to Urban Agriculture, where different actors (eg. universities, research groups, stakeholders, the public administration, NGOs, etc.) can be kept up to date, constantly compare results, and above all engage in synergy with one another. The cluster, called UrbanAg, is the first step in the process of supporting entrepreneurship in the field of urban agriculture, which will continue on with the same constructive spirit even after the end of the Urban Green Train project.

After Urban Green Train...
New projects in the field and dates to keep an eye on

In the final stages of the project, the aim was to lay foundations to make the work of the Urban Green Project valued and recognized. Some of the results are already there – the international program, for example, will be re-launched, even though funding has ended, perhaps with intensive curricula or by taking advantage of distance learning technologies – with 4 out of 5 modules already having been applied in the pilot version of the program and found to be very effective.
With regard to the research and new opportunities, the natural evolution of Urban Green Train will probably be the UrbanAg cluster, which will function as a soundingboard for the subject matter and generate new opportunities for study and innovation.
Not to be missed is the event on September 12, 2017 in Bologna (Italy), where the ISHS symposium International Symposium on Greener Cities for More Efficient Ecosystem Services in a Climate Changing World will be held – an unmissable opportunity to climb aboard the next... Urban Green Train.

Our Goodbye – Urban Green Train's final video
Urban Green Train, as told by its contributors

To summarize this fruitful experience, we've made a final video on the Urban Green Train project, where those who worked on it talk about its significance and innovative prospects, retracing its stages through the faces and experiences that have been the spirit and inspiration for the project as a whole.
So here's our way of saying goodbye (but only for now), and thanking you for following and supporting us in these three years of intense activity.
Click here to see Urban Green Train's final video. See you soon!