Urban Green Train Final Conference in Paris

10-11 July 2017 - Urban Green Train Final Conference in Paris, France: Entrepreneurship and urban agriculture : what skills to succeed?

During the three years of the project’s activity, the partners of UGT in Italy, France, the Netherlands
and Germany worked closely to define the salient aspects of this new way of doing agriculture,
setting up concrete foundations to support development. They explored and studied possible
business models, identified training requirements and sought the best solutions for acquiring the
necessary skills, collected and organised teaching materials, devised and conducted an
international pilot course and organised meetings to compare and deepen knowledge with the
various stakeholders.
This is precisely what will be discussed during the conference on 10 July, reporting on the results
of UGT and its future prospects. It will also be a great opportunity to share ideas and experiences
among entrepreneurs, students and the involved institution members to talk about innovative
initiatives worldwide, business accelerators, public aid, architecture and city planning. On 11 July
will take place the visit of two Parisian structures of urban agriculture: “Cultures en ville” and “Veni
Verdi”, and will end at the exhibition venue of “La boîte à champignons”.
Venue: AgroParisTech, 19 avenue du Maine, 75015 Paris (Close to Montparnasse rail station)

Expected outcomes / output:
- Final restitution and perspectives of Urban Green Train project
- Exchange with stakeholders, share of entrepreneurial experiences
- Launch of EU cluster and French HI-research annual meeting on urban agriculture