Funded in 2006, HORTICITY aims at putting together different and qualified expertises in order to provide products and services for preservation and valorization of the horticultural production, adopting a multidisciplinary approach and orienting efforts to the improvement of food security. HORTICITY is involved in several international cooperation activities, promoting home and community gardening, offering training to disadvantaged populations and social groups (elder, women, children). It has collaborated with several NGOs developing projects of social horticulture in Brazil, Peru, Myanmar, Burkina Faso and Ivory Coast. Projects ranged from the creation of community gardens for income generation to improving nutrition and for social/educational purposes. HORTICITY is also involved in educational horticulture, with projects of school gardens in primary schools and nurseries. Currently it takes part to a project held by the Bologna city council and the university of Bologna for the installation of community gardens on the roofs of the popular building, involving elder and immigrant residents
Contact person: Giovanni Bazzocchi giovanni.bazzocchi@horticity.it