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UNIBO - Green spaces, parks and gardens

  1. SHORT DESCRIPTION: The course is a part of the the Master Degree in managment and design of agro-territorial ecosystems, forest and landscape. The course aims to teach at master students the knowledge to follow the whole cycle of a green area, from the planning fase, through the stages of construction and realization, to the maintenance. The course is divided in three principal phases: 1) planning of the green space with the analysis of the site and legislative restriction in the territory, needs of stakeholders, water saving, sound absorption and presence of protected areas; 2)Study of the morpho-physiological and agronomic characteristics of the plants, and related ornamental and management performances; 3)Organization of seminars, laboratory and practical activities to realize the acquired knowledge.
  2. INVOLVED DISCIPLINES: Ecology, Agronomy, Managment, Ecology, Horticulture, Floriculture
  3. EDUCATION LEVEL: Master 1
  4. Language: Italian
  5. ON SITE - Registration fee for the whole course of studies