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UNIBO _ Design of private and community green spaces: agronomic, architectural and psychological aspects

  1. SHORT DESCRIPTION: Life-long learning course in which is proposed a professional training program. The course implements knowledge on plants of different species, colors, scents and architectural design of the environment to improve the welfare of the citizens. In addition the course taught the importance of communication the concepts to create a better image of man-made area in order to meet the demands of stakeholders. The principal objective of the course is to teach the ability to propose and manage projects on green spaces, to interpret the needs of customers, calibrating the design of green area depending the different types of users ad contexts.
  2. INVOLVED DISCIPLINES: Architecture, Sociology, Agronomy, Communication, Management
  3. EDUCATION LEVEL: Master 2
  4. LANGUAGE: Italian
  5. ON SITE - Registration fee and 270 euros of partecipation