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Introduction to urban agriculture

  1. SHORT DESCRIPTION: In the course, the concept of urban agriculture is discussed and its main types are introduced. Subsequently, the main potentials and risks associated with urban agriculture will be reviewed. We look at its presence in both southern and northern cities, types of people practicing urban agriculture, the constraints and opportunities they are facing and how these can be analyzed. Finally, we review the roles of the various local stakeholders involved in urban agriculture and how they can support the development of safe and sustainable urban agriculture, providing concrete examples of urban agriculture policies and programmes. The course provides a concise but comprehensive introduction to urban agriculture.
  2. INVOLVED DISCIPLINES: Urban planning and development
  3. EDUCATION LEVEL: Bachelor 3
  4. ON LINE: Distance learning, offered for credits and against payment through Ryerson University. Offered for free without tutoring on RUAF website
  5. REGISTRATION: Free: withouttutoring/ self study. Tutored and group course: payment fees of about 450. EuroFree: withouttutoring/ self study
  6. Tutored and group course: payment fees of about 450 Euro
  7. ADDRESS: Stadslab033, de Nieuwe Stad, Oude Fabriekstraat 7, 3812 NR Amersfoort