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Types of urban agriculture

  1. SHORT DESCRIPTION: This course discusses and illustrates different UA types and activities in terms of their resource-use, location, policy and institutional frameworks, functions, technical aspects, development challenges and potential innovations. It also looks into processes of decision making and location of UA and discuss a methodology for farmer-centered learning, research and extension for UA. The course introduces and illustrates the various urban agriculture types found in cities around the world. And various urban agriculture production systems will be discussed in greater detail, in terms of their characteristics, location, functions, technical aspects, development challenges and support needs. Also, urban agriculture input supply, service delivery; processing and marketing systems will be discussed as well as a methodology for farmer-centred learning, research and extension.
  2. INVOLVED DISCIPLINES: Urban planning and development
  3. Economics
  4. EDUCATION LEVEL: Bachelor 3
  5. LANGUAGE: English
  6. ON LINE: Distance learning, offered for credits and against payment through Ryerson University. Offered for free without tutoring on RUAF website
  7. REGISTRATION: Free: withouttutoring/ self study; Tutored and group course: payment fees of about 450
  8. ADDRESS: Stadslab033, de Nieuwe Stad, Oude Fabriekstraat 7, 3812 NR Amersfoort