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Dimensions of urban agriculture

  1. SHORT DESCRIPTION: This course describes the dimensions of urban agriculture and how these complement, supplement, substitute for, or compete with those provided by other land uses, sectoral activities and actors. The main dimensions covered are: health and food security, socio-cultural, economic dimensions, environmental dimensions, and other dimensions related to land use planning, urban and resource management, crisis mitigation and assessment and monitoring of urban agriculture. Case studies from the global south and global north will be used throughout the course to highlight each dimension separately, while also drawing attention to the connections between dimensions (cross-benefits and multi-functionality).
  2. INVOLVED DISCIPLINES: Urban planning, development and sustainability
  3. EDUCATION LEVEL: Bachelor 3
  4. LANGUAGE: English
  5. ON LINE: Distance learning, offered for credits and against payment through Ryerson University. Offered for free without tutoring on RUAF website
  6. REGISTRATION: Free: withouttutoring/ self study; Tutored and group course: payment fees of about 450 Eur
  7. ADDRESS: Stadslab033, de Nieuwe Stad, Oude Fabriekstraat 7, 3812 NR Amersfoort