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Urban agriculture policy making

  1. SHORT DESCRIPTION This course discussess how policies and programs could best be formulated and implemented through participatory and multi-stakeholder policy formulation and action planning processes, leading to sustainable development and institutionalization of urban agriculture. It starts discussing tools and methodologies for analyzing stakeholders, farming systems, land uses, and regulatory frameworks. Next steps involve strategic planning, followed by the formulation of action projects and policies and their implementation, monitoring and evaluation. The course highlights lessons from a wide array of cities and national governments around the world.
  2. INVOLVED DISCIPLINES: Urban planning and development, sustainability Food planning
  3. EDUCATION LEVEL: Bachelor 3
  4. LANGUAGE: English
  5. ON LINE: Distance learning, offered for credits and against payment through Ryerson University. Offered for free without tutoring on RUAF website
  6. REGISTRATION: Free: withouttutoring/ self study
  7. Tutored and group course: payment fees of about 450 Euro
  8. ADDRESS: Stadslab033, de Nieuwe Stad, Oude Fabriekstraat 7, 3812 NR Amersfoort