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  1. SHORT DESCRIPTION: Green Habitat is a commercial company that has its principal activity focus on garden design, living walls construction and in the creation of vegetable and flower gardens. The SME’s core business is to enhance the aesthetics of functional indoor and outdoor environments such as offices, workplaces and libraries, in urban and peri-urban areas with walled structures that support plant life where otherwise it would not be possible to grow anything. They use individual modules or structures with plants that can, if necessary, be assembled to cover surfaces of several square meters.
  3. The company produces and sells vertical structures to accommodate and grow ornamental essences and vegetables. In addition, the company supply support in the design, implementation and subsequent maintenance of green areas. Green Habitat designs vertical structures are principally for aesthetic purposes, but also to improve air quality (plant filtering function), convey positive feelings in urban environments and to allow a small scale production of herbs or vegetables.