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  1. SHORT DESCRIPTION: Agribologna is an association of agricultural cooperatives that operates in the vegetable production sector. It aims to increase yield and quality of products utilising sustainable practices such as agricultural tools with low environmental impact, high productive efficiency of production chain and efficient energy consumption greenhouses. In 2014, the association has launched innovative production of different varieties of tomato within a high-tech generation greenhouse utilising soilless growing systems that employs energy from a nearby biomass power plant. Agribologna holds an important strategic role in the Italian national market for its investments in technological and agronomical innovation, such as the construction of the high-tech greenhouses, the adoption of soilless technologies and the implementation of energy efficient cultivation units.
  2. KEY ACTIVITIES: The activity of the consortium covers principally vegetable production in different aspects. AgriBologna aims to lead the interest of his partners in increasing the competitiveness of agricultural enterprises, promoting agricultural, technological, organisational and commercial innovation. To do so, AgriBologna organises training and dissemination events for farmer associates and the civil society; provides technical assistance and follow-up to the farmers’ seasonal activities, as well as the support in the management and promotion of members, boosting their presence in the national markets.
  3. RELEVANT DIMENSION: Product and Services
  4. BUSINESS MODELS: Cost efficiency (bulk production)