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  1. SHORT DESCRIPTION: BiodiverCity is an association founded in 2011 by researchers and students of the Department of Agricultural Sciences of the University of Bologna. The association aims to support and promote biodiversity in its different forms within the urban environment. Since its creation, the association has involved young people in the city of Bologna working together in joint projects with citizens in order to promote innovative uses of urban space. University researchers provide high scientific contribution, students work manually to build structures and growing plants to increase their experience and cultural background, and citizens collaborate expressing their needs to the municipality. One of the main objectives of BiodiverCity is to restore biodiversity in highly anthropic urban areas, bringing natural spaces where missing, with the production of vegetables, ornamental and aromatic plants, constituting ecological corridors for animals, beneficial insects for biological control and pollinators. Moreover, the actions of BiodiverCity are designed to develop networks and building relationships with and among different ethnic, social and cultural communities living in Bologna.
  2. KEY ACTIVITIES: BiodiverCity promotes awareness on biodiversity and actively participates in different information campaigns. In the last years BiodiverCity started different projects in the city of Bologna with the intent to develop tools such vertical structures, soilless systems and water collection, for the promotion of new forms of urban horticulture and biodiversity conservation in urbanised areas. The main project developed by BiodiverCity in the urban area of Bologna is Green Housing for the installation of vegetable social housing rooftop gardens in Bologna.
  3. RELEVANT DIMENSION: Location (Inner city), Building bound (rooftop or industrial site); community based, social inclusion
  4. BUSINESS MODELS: Differentiation; Experimental