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  1. SHORT DESCRIPTION: The Moestuin was founded in 2003 and has become a multifunctional place with bees, herbs, an ancient vinery, animals, a playground, greenhouses and a lunch café and shop. Since 2006, De Moestuin offers day care and labour integration for clients of Abrona, a care institute for psychiatry and addiction. De Moestuin Maarschalkerweerd is located in the south-east of the city of Utrecht (NL). Because of its central location and its easy access to the highway, it is an attractive meeting place for people from all over the Netherlands. De Moestuin is a social enterprise dedicated to reintegrate people with mental disabilities into the job market. The team of De Moestuin consists of professional gardeners, cooks, a carpenter, a group of volunteers, and a team of people with a lot of experience in psychiatry, addiction and mental disabilities.
  2. KEY ACTIVITIES: De Moestuin is located on the remains of the former vegetable gardens of a monastery. The organic garden provides about 50 kinds of fruits and vegetables, which are sold in their own shop and lunch café as well as in 8 other shops in Utrecht and also directly to consumers through a box scheme. Education for the general public and children is provided via the playground and petting zoo and by organising summer schools or other special activities. The farm also cooperates with the neighbouring school for children with mental health problems. They offer a workplace and education for people with a mental or social disability. Besides gardening activities, they have carpentry projects.
  3. RELEVANT DIMENSION: Multifunctional, traditional methods, peri-urban, professional
  4. BUSINESS MODELS: Enterprise diversification (multifunctional agriculture)