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  1. SHORT DESCRIPTION: De Haagse Stadswijngaard is a vineyard launched in 2012 by Tycho Vermeulen out of a passion for horticulture and viniculture. The vineyard is situated in Den Haag, in the inner-harbour area. This old-industrial zone is surrounded by a housing area and is being re-developed. The site of the vineyard will be the last area of this zone to be re-developed. In the mean time, they get to use it. De Haagse Stadswijngaard produces organically but have no certification (and they do not need any, as Tycho says: “Our brand is our label”). They use disease-resistant varieties – crossing traditional varieties with more resistant ones; Riesling (white) and Pinot Noir (red). It is a social enterprise with a sole owner. The manual work in the vineyard (planting, weeding, other maintenance) is performed by the social workplace of the city council as paid service - the sales of wine and income of viniculture courses cover these costs. The land has been given to Tycho for free in exchange for hiring the social work force.
  2. KEY ACTIVITIES: Activities of the vineyard include production of organic grapes, processing of grapes and Tycho offers consultancy services for other initiatives. De Haagse Stadswijngaard sells 1) a viniculture course including 10 plants; 2) wine; 3) guided tours; and 4) a course in wine making. They sell wine during guided tours, events and possibly at some restaurants. 2/3rd of the vineyard is sold as plots in combination with the course in viniculture. The course has 5 events throughout the year where Tycho teaches the attendants the activities that need to be done during that season. And participants get a manual/brochure with all actions explained.
  3. RELEVANT DIMENSION: organic, inner city, direct marketing, part-time
  4. BUSINESS MODELS: Product differentiation (niche markets) Shared Economy (social inclusion, participation)