UA Enterprises


  1. SHORT DESCRIPTION: Uit je Eigen Stad is one of the biggest urban farms in Europe. It is located in the harbour area of Rotterdam (NL). The key aim of Uit Je Eigen Stad is to connect urban consumers with urban producers. They want to show how food is produced using various techniques and products ranging from mushroom cultivation, poultry production, aquaculture and horticulture. The production area is 7000 m2 open air, 1200 m2 poly tunnels, 400 m2 glass green houses, several production spaces for aquaculture, mushrooms and chickens. 500 m2 for laying hens. The entire production area is about 1 ha.
  2. KEY ACTIVITIES: Besides production, they run an on-site restaurant, shop, market and they host a range of events including tours, tastings and workshops. They use conventional and organic farming methods, indoor farming and aquaponics.Their key products include common and special vegetables, mushrooms, herbs, honey, flowers, fruits, egg, fish and poultry. The harvest is processed in their own restaurant and sold to other restaurants as well as to consumers at on- and off-site markets.
  3. RELEVANT DIMENSION: Professional, placemaking, inner city, innovative methods, multiple products and services, low and high tech
  4. BUSINESS MODELS: Enterprise diversification (multifunctional agriculture); experimental (new production methods, innovation)