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  1. SHORT DESCRIPTION: Königshausen is commercial farm that started its profit-oriented business already in 1969 to adjust to the urbanising surroundings by addressing the people living nearby (direct sale, pick-your-own, etc.). 70% of the 110 ha farmland is owned by family Königshausen, while the remaining 30% is leased from different owners, including the city, church and former farmers from the neighbourhood. Königshausen located in Kirchhellen, which is part of Bottrop, in Northwest of Metropolis Ruhr. Overall, the location can be characterised as peri-urban in a diverse landscape including industrial sites, abandoned industrial sites, residential areas, traffic and energy infrastructure, forests and farmland. The proportion of immigrants is rather high in Northern Metropolis Ruhr, which is the reason of the orientation and specialization of this farm.
  2. KEY ACTIVITIES: The farmland is cultivated conventionally with a huge variety of crops oriented towards Muslim immigrants. Corn, cereals (rye), potatoes, onions, dwarf beans, spinach, pumpkins and chard are a few of the key products. Some of these crops include Turkish and Arab varieties to meet the preferences of the major customer group of Muslim immigrants. Furthermore, Königshausen keeps sheep (six to 15 ewes) and bulls (150). The livestock is kept for the Muslim sacrifice feast “Kurban bayrami”. Many products are for direct marketing during “Kurban bayrami” and in the farm shop as well as for pick-your-own (potatoes, vegetables), which is requested by Muslim immigrants. Furthermore, the farm offers contract work and farm visits for Turkish delegations.
  3. RELEVANT DIMENSION: Professional farm, direct marketing orientation (focus: Muslim immigrants), crop production, livestock, pick-your-own (focus: Arab vegetables, etc.), peri-urban
  4. BUSINESS MODELS: Product differentiation (niche markets)