UA Enterprises


  1. SHORT DESCRIPTION: AMAEVA is a private company established near Angers in France since 2010. It is a small company specialised in the greening of walls and roofs. It offers different services: advice, design and installation. The company, considering the lack of skills among walls and green roofs installers, decided to create a training centre for employees of installation companies, both for the installation of equipment and for caring for plants. AMAEVA is a subsidiary of another company specialised in making buildings and civil engineering works waterproof.
  2. KEY ACTIVITIES: AMAEVA works in cooperation with local authorities, landscapers, builders on: 1) Technical studies: design, supplies and accessories, choice of plants; 2) Advice on green walls and rooftops; 3) Supplies of pre-vegetated modules or non-vegetated (classical); 4) Theoretical and technical vocational training on certified eco-construction; 5) Assistance for professionals in the installation of green walls and rooftops - AMAEVA created a training centre for professionals specialised in green building and especially sealing, insulation and re-vegetation of the frame. Courses are offered to employees and managers of construction companies and landscape architects, who wish to acquire new knowledge and develop their skills. The goal is to help the participants to design and to build roofs and green walls.
  4. BUSINESS MODELS: Product differentiation (niche markets)