UA Enterprises


  1. SHORT DESCRIPTION: Ferme Urbaine Lyonnaise (FUL) is a concept that combines different innovations in order to develop a new agricultural production tool in a clean and easily reproducible urban environment. FUL also aims at minimising the environmental impact of food production and sustainable development through local and plentiful production of fresh products. FUL is an innovative solution of engineering tools, as well as an industrial and vertical vegetable production tool. The production chain is built by a pile of several conveyer belts on several floors. Each conveyer belt will automatically be programmed so that the growth of the plants is maximised. The FUL company was created to house the business model associated to the concept.
  2. KEY ACTIVITIES: The plants grow in soilless cultivation: small plants are placed on a neutral and inert substrate which is regularly irrigated by a solution composed of mineral salts and essential nutrients. This technique, combined with a climate control of its environment, reduces the amount of nitrates and pesticides in the plant to nearly zero. The LED lighting is used in order to recreate and control the bright spectrum essential to the plant (different for each plant) and to reduce the energy normally used to control the temperatures. Initially, salads will grow with artificial light and then with natural light (natural UVB-UVA radiation) on the top of a building. For now the concept is designed around salad production but it is intended to expand to other vegetables, fruits or medicinal plants. The unit can also be used to produce energy and redistribute it to nearby houses. Today, the module is experimental.
  3. RELEVANT DIMENSION: High-tech technology level, enterprise, inner city, innovative method, specialized horticulture, industrial site, in a building
  4. BUSINESS MODELS: Experimental , cost efficiency