UA Enterprises


  1. SHORT DESCRIPTION: Topager is a small company created in 2013 by Frederic Madre and Nicolas Bel. They design, build and manage urban agriculture projects. It is an independent company but working with a lot of stakeholders. Their first demonstration site is located in Paris, on a rooftop and has the objectives of defining agricultural production systems on roofs. Then, they can provide a service for engineering other roof projects for food production.
  2. KEY ACTIVITIES: It is a rooftop concept for downtown fruits and vegetables production. They use traditional methods (like biological control) and they develop their own loam. They work on wood and compost mixtures, they study soil fauna, wild meadows of aromatic plants and they measure the health risks of this production (pollution risks), in the city, to organise a system of circular economy. The waste of the city (like wood) feeds the roof systems. They give and sell advice on garden design, they sell the system installation and they sell the monitoring of the system.
  3. RELEVANT DIMENSION: Rooftop food production, composting, design and advice
  4. BUSINESS MODELS: Enterprise diversification (multifunctional agriculture); experimental (new production methods, innovation)
  5. ADDRESS: 10 bis rue Bisson, 75020 Paris