UA Enterprises


  1. SHORT DESCRIPTION: Initiated in 2012 by Stichting de Wending, de Stadsbrug and Eilandsteede, Food for Good is a social enterprise located in an urban park (Park Transwijk) in the South / South-West of the city of Utrecht (NL). It aims to enhance social inclusion, participation, healthy food and education. It is a meeting place for different groups with diverse interests where, with professional supervision, local residents together with vulnerable individuals or groups that deal with multiple serious issues like homelessness and addiction; or vulnerable and lonely elderly or long-term unemployed, collaborate to produce vegetables and fruit for Kanaleneiland, the local neighbourhood.
  2. KEY ACTIVITIES: Food for Good produces vegetables and rents out the place for meetings, events and lectures. They also offer catering services, rental of gardening equipment and consultancy services on urban agriculture, gardening and green management. They use organic seed and seedlings and apply organic production methods. The harvest, all sort of vegetables and herbs, goes to people that work in the garden (about 10-25% of the produce) and they contribute for a meal a week to Resto Van Harte (a social restaurant). As much as possible is sold to local restaurants and private customers.
  3. RELEVANT DIMENSION: Community-based, inner city, home consumption and sales, low tech
  4. BUSINESS MODELS: Shared economy (social inclusion, participation)